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Trainings and Consultation

At The Rainbow Circles, we believe in creating a strong care community that extends far beyond our agency. The Rainbow Circles offers tailored training for individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, agencies, and collectives where queer, trans, gender expansive, questioning, and allied individuals can find themselves. We can come in for an intro training for an hour, or work with you and/or your business in custom-made on-going trainings for your exact needs and desires to grow competencies in serving clients from historically oppressed communities.

Training Topics of Expertise

  • Anti-Oppressive and Liberatory Business Practices
  • Care for people with non-monogamous relationship structures (consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, etc.)
  • Competencies in working with queer, non-straight sexual/affection;/romantic orientations, asexual, aromantic, transgender, gender expansive, and questioning individuals, and anyone else who does not fall into a cisgender and/or straight identity
  • Competencies in infusing social justice and anti-oppressive approaches in therapeutic work
  • Creating accessible spaces and incorporating disability justice into organizational and therapeutic work
  • Trauma-Informed care with the neurodivergent, queer, trans, and/or gender expansive populations
  • Gender Affirming Care (individuals, groups, and family work)
  • Gender identity Development and Coming Out Experiences of transgender and gender expansve youth
  • Integrating Play Therapy and/or Sandtray with neurodivergent, transgender, gender expansive, and questioning youth
  • Intersectionality in working with historically oppressed populations
  • Resiliency and Creativity Factors with transgender and gender expansive youth
  • Supervising clinicians who are queer, trans, gender expansive, and/or questioning
  • Suicidality and self-harm with specific focus on teens or adults, as well as disabled, queer, trans and/or gender expansive populations

If you don’t see what you are looking for specifically listed here, feel free to reach out and ask.


Kate (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent (ADHD), disabled therapist who benefits from white and thin privilege. They are Clinical Social Work Candidate with a Master of Social Work from Colorado State University. Kate has been working within the trans and gender expansive populations for the last two years, providing case management and therapeutic services. They are particularly passionate about disability justice, intersectionality, and anti-oppressive practice as a whole. Kate works with Imagine Zero in Larimer County doing suicide prevention work and has provided consultation for local health organizations and universities. 

Dr. M (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent (ADHD), disabled therapist who also benefits from white-bodied privilege and a middle-class social location. Dr. M has their PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Northern Colorado and their Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Syracuse University. They are a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist, and EMDR level 1 therapist. They specialize in providing therapy services to the queer, trans, and gender expansive population, with a specific focus on the transgender and gender expansive youth populations. They have over ten years of clinical experience which also includes extensive group work and play therapy. As a professor, they teach courses on multiculturalism and social justice in counseling, play therapy, research, ethics, and group therapy. Dr. M conducts research with transgender and gender expansive youth, and on creative and mindful ways to engage in counselnig and supervision. Dr. M presents research and trainings locally and nationally to various agencies, professional organizations, and conferences. Dr. M loves sharing knowledge and co-creating a safe learning space with other passionate individuals.

Recent Trainings

Salt Wellness Group
In April 2023, Dr. M provided a one-hour introductory training for supporting queer and transgender clients. This training included an introduction to the multicultural and social justice counseling competencies, understanding how cisheteronormativity impacts all people, and the effects of oppression on the mental health of queer/trans people. Special topics were briefly covered, which included: supporting queer and trans clients with religious trauma, who have ADHD and/or Autism, and who have experienced trauma.

Center for Connection, California:- We provided an introduction in gender affirming care to the Center for Connection in Jan 2024.

The Satanic Temple of Colorado: Dr. M lead the the talk, Religion and Queerness, and discussion in April 2024.

SummitStone Health Partners: Currently, Dr. M is Providing SummitStone Health Partners  training for gender-affirming group therapy. This custom training includes 9 hours of educational content and 6-9 hours of on-going consultation, and an over 90-page custom made training workbook with resources for their staff. The curriculum outline example is below:

Click here to view curriculum outline example
  1. Gender Identity Development
  2. Includes research around gender identity development from M’s own research
  3. Expands upon gender identity, gender expression, gender roles, gender expectations and different identities of clients and clinician
  4. Incudes exploration and deeper understanding of therapists’ own gender identity development, gender socialization, and deconstructing the gender binary
  5. Working with transgender and gender expansive identities
  6. Includes understanding nonbinary experiences and their locations within systems of oppression
  7. Includes understanding the social locations of the group leaders and participants and how this influences group therapy
  8. Applications within groupwork
  9. Cisheteronormativity and how to create a group that does not further perpetuate or exacerbate these systems of oppression
  10. Understanding additional intersecting identities (and intersectionality theory) and how these impact the experiences of LGBTQIA+ persons
  11. Special consideration for the intersections of gender identity and: BIPOC, neurodivergent, and dis/abled identities
  12. General competencies for group work and group work with LGBTQIA+ populations including specific evidence-based curriculums for groups with LGBTQIA+ populations


Typically, trainings and consultations for groups of 9 or less people (that are done with M at the PhD level) are offered at a rate of:

  • $100/hour for small not for profits, non-profits, co-ops, and therapy collectives (businesses with less than 25 people employed/contracted)
  • $150/hour for larger businesses and for profit businesses

Typically, trainings for groups of 10-19 people is offered at a Phd-Level rate of:

  • $200/hour for small not for profits, non-profits, co-ops, and therapy collectives (businesses with less than 25 people employed/contracted)
  • $250/hour for larger businesses and for profit businesses

Rates are lower for master’s level clinicians. While we believe in compensating for expertise in learning from people with historically oppressed identities, we also follow liberatory design practices of sharing and co-creating knowledge in as affordable ways as possible. Please inquire about rates for larger groups of people, as well as for sliding scale options. 

How to Request Trainings & Consultations

Contact Dr. M at: