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About TRC

We are a not-for-profit organization growing towards being worker-owned providing therapeutic services to all of Colorado virtually with a physical office in Fort Collins for in person visits. We primarily serve LGBTQIA+ youth, adults, partners, and families. Our team strives to center the lived experiences of both clients and clinicians. Our clinicians are experienced in various speciality modalities like play therapy, EMDR and wilderness therapy, as well as traditional therapeutic approaches, and we also provide gender affirming care letter writing services. We specialize in supporting clients in exploring who they are, their strengths, and their concerns in a non-judgmental environment.

What does this mean for you?

As an agency deeply rooted within anti-oppression, our clinicians are better equipped to meet the needs of our clients and communities. Healing and liberation start with us. Unlike many other agencies, we are growing into a co-op model with a flat hierarchical structure, in which every team member has equal decision-making power and shared responsibilities. Everyone is able to focus their energy on the areas they are most passionate about; set their own schedules; and access paid time-off. This helps reduce burnout, ensuring that we can show up as our best selves inside and outside of the therapy room.

Additionally, we are a socialist-leaning not-for-profit agency, in which all staff have decision-making power and are equally represented within our payment structure. This structure allows us to offer flexible sliding scale and probono therapy services so more people have access to supportive mental health care.