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2023 Year in Review!

    We all are so excited to share some of the amazing work we were doing last year, share some about our clients, and share how much of an impact community support has made in being able to support our clients.

    This year we saw 255 clients in the community, with 183 being ongoing clients at the end of the year. 20 clients were seen just for affirming medical care letters, some were discharged from care, and we had one crisis session.

    In 2023, clients attended 4,241 total appointments with us for therapy, letter writing, coaching, support groups, case management, and crisis services, compared to 2022 which had 1,663 total appointments. We had a 190% increase in the number of clients we were able to serve in 2023 as compared to our first calendar year seeing clients in 2022. Check out the differences in number of clients we served in 2022 and 2023 in the chart below.

    Our Mutual Aid Program

    In mid-2023 we launched our mutual aid program, and it’s really taking off. We were able to support a variety of community members with their needs this year. Thanks to all who have donated from the community, our own clinicians, and our various community partners. This year we sent a total of $5,811 to 18 distinct community members in need through 23 requests (as some members receive aid multiple times).

    Our Payment & Funding Sources

    We couldn’t have brought such amazing services to our clients without our fantastic community partners who support us through donations, grants, and fundraisers. Check out this chart below about our three main funding sources.

    This year, through the amazing efforts of The Alana Faith Chen Foundation, our various community partners and donors (The Satanic Temple of Colorado, SummitStone Health Partners, Flingin’ Pots, The Crowded Bookshelf, Ascent Climbing Studio, Pinot’s Palette), and Affirm Counseling who use our play therapy office through donations, we were able to offer more affordable, accessible, and pro-bono services than ever before!

    We had a 515% increase in funding for this program this year compared to 2022. In 2023, we provided over 140 free/reduced therapy sessions, with a combined total of $12,920 funded by our community. Y’all are really making a difference in helping the queer and/or trans people in Fort Collins and Colorado get the care they need. The chart below shows how many sessions were covered in each of the three donations/grant categories.

    Number of client sessions that were covered by grants and donations in 2023

    A full breakdown of all funding sources for 2023

    This chart shows how many clients and overall percentage of clients that receive each type of funding source. About 30% of our clients have Medicaid, 30% have private insurance, 10% are self-pay, and the other 30% are clients who are sliding scale, pro-bono, receive grant funds, and/or receive donations to cover services.

    A look at who our clients are

    We gather self-reported demographics date from clients to gain a look into our community at TRC. Some clients may be counted more than once as they have multiple overlapping identities; some data has not been entered for 2023 due to various factors.

    Client demographics by race and ethnicity in 2023

    Additional client demographics 2023

    Wow…what an amazing year of amazing services we have been able to give our community in the form of therapy, gender affirming care letters, coaching, case management, support groups, free books; as well as supplies from our clothing closets and human and animal food pantries. Thank you again to all of our community parters and community members who have supported our programs. We cannot wait to see what lies ahead in 2024!